Spiritual-IssuesAre You Struggling To Find Your Spiritual Path?

Are you seeking a connection with a higher power, but can’t seem to find it within a traditional church setting? Are you or is someone you know experiencing an illness that has you questioning what happens when we die? Do you feel like bad things are happening because you are being punished for something? Perhaps you were raised in a cult-like religion and now, as an adult, have realized that such an uncompromising view of the world does not work for you. Or, maybe you have completed therapy for another issue and now want to take your healing and self-reliance to a higher level.

Most of us adopt the religion that our families practiced without question. But, many people attend services without really knowing how to integrate a religion’s teachings into their daily lives. Things like background, emotional issues, preconceived notions, and past experiences make each person’s spiritual journey unique—but many organized religions can be very rigid with a “one-size-fits-all” approach. It is important to find out what you believe.

Do You Feel Disconnected, Unfulfilled Or Like Something Is Missing From Your Life?

You may know you believe in something, but not be quite sure what. Perhaps you were brought up in a religion that no longer resonates with you, or maybe religion was never a part of your life and you are curious about your spiritual options.

External factors can often cause internal confusion. A catastrophic event—such as an illness or the death of a loved one—can make you start to question what life means. You may ask yourself, “Is this it?” When physical health fails, it is very common for people to experience an existential crisis. You may wonder why bad things are happening or feel like you are being punished for something. This can make you start to think about your life differently and become curious about spirituality.

Perhaps you have been in therapy for another issue, such as depression or anxiety, and now that you are feeling better, you feel ready and willing to take your healing to the next level. When you were in crisis mode, therapy may have been primarily symptom management to get you to a place where you were not depressed or harming yourself. Now that you’ve tackled your personal issues and obstacles, you may be craving something even deeper and more substantial than what psychology provides.

Perhaps you feel like something is missing in your life, but can’t put your finger on it. You may be wondering what it is that can make you feel complete and bring a sense of deep fulfillment and meaning to your life.

Spirituality Is About Developing A Personal Connection To Your Higher Power

Religion and spirituality are two very different things. People fight and kill each other over religion, but spirituality within religion can be very powerful. It can bring you peace and personal fulfillment without you ever stepping into a physical building.

Spirituality is not just church on Sunday, and it’s not a set of rituals to perform or rigid rules to follow. It’s something that is deeply personal and is with you all of the time. Spirituality can be a rewarding part of your daily life, and you can practice it any time, any place. A personal relationship your higher power can give you a feeling of completeness that goes beyond religion.

In our spiritual therapy sessions, we can explore your questions and examine your own ideas. You can truly start to analyze the ideas and connections that can bring you more fulfillment, peace and wholeness. You can go beyond anxiety, beyond depression, beyond simply being healthy (although that’s a great start) to a place where you actually thrive. Nurturing a personal relationship with your higher power can feel like you’ve found that elusive puzzle piece that completes the picture of your life.

You may not leave with all the answers, and that’s okay—but you can discover what makes sense for you and practical ways to integrate your beliefs into daily life. Spirituality looks different for everyone. As you develop a relationship with your higher power, you may find it easier to find fulfillment, strength and joy in all aspects of your life.

You may be ready to explore your spiritual path, but still have questions or concerns about how therapy can help…

How are you qualified to help with this? You’re not a minister or spiritual leader of any sort. Why wouldn’t I go to local minister/priest/rabbi/etc.?

From a psychological standpoint, a therapist can delve much deeper into the thoughts, emotions and ideas that may be blocking you from connecting spiritually. Sometimes the things that keep us from really tapping into our higher power are deep-rooted and often stem from childhood. These issues need to be cleared in order for a person to really connect. A clergy member is going to give you one answer, and that is what they believe. You don’t have to be committed to anything at my office.

I’m concerned about religious ideas being forced on me.

Rest assured, I am not teaching or promoting any religion whatsoever. I welcome everyone (including atheists) in my practice. Our sessions will be respectful conversations, and you will have the opportunity to talk about your feelings, process and explore ideas, and come up with your own conclusions.

Why is this work important? Why does a person need spirituality?

Spirituality can help give you a deeper understanding of yourself, your life and your reason for being. It can also help you to accept challenging life events with more grace. Therapy is a wonderful tool in itself, but a personal connection with your higher power can help to sustain you on a day-to-day basis.

If you are interested in exploring your spiritual path, please contact me for a free consultation session. We can discuss your unique situation and desires, as well as a therapy plan to help get you where you want to be.